Give birth with presence and in full control

"This audio programme made me feel calm and secure and prepared me for giving birth to my child in a relaxed state of mind, even though I used to feel anxious about it." 


Give birth naturally and effortlessly. The thing is giving birth is a normal and natural part of life for many women. All species both humans and animals were created to do this without going through a tremendous amount of pain!!! With this hypnosis audio program you will discover the power and resources you have within you, and you will give birth to your child easier, calmly and effortlessly.

Unless there are complications, most women will benefit from these audio files and have a calm, natural and relaxed birthing experience.


This is the best way to start a new life for both mother and child!


That means you can prepare yourself using your subconscious mind to be relaxed and at peace while giving birth. When you are completely relaxed during the process, your body will know exactly what to do and how to do it! You simply trust your natural instinct!

The GIVE BIRTH CALMLY program includes: 3 audio files:


Before giving birth

Relaxation & techniques


When the water breaks 

Body & mind in harmony

After giving birth

Calm and balance with baby, weight control, easy and effortless.


You can hear the first 30 seconds of the files - and buy them together or individually. It is recommended that you buy all 3 files in the Give birth calmly program for the best results and start the birth program no later than 2 months before due date.


PRICE: All 3 files for only 99,95 $. (Single file 80 $) 


Jeanette Briem is a certified Hypnotherapist who has helped many Danes giving a calm and peaceful birth. She has recorded her "Give birth calmly" program as 3 audio files.


That way, you can - from home - prepare to bring your child peacefully and peacefully into this world - and focus on the amazing experience.